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What makes VERIFIED METRICS different?

We’ve made diligence easy.


Verify direct from the source

Our user-friendly data feeds make it easy to verify metrics with confidence and precision. And unlike traditional diligence firms, our verification can be updated in minutes — at any time.

An isometric illustration a table of portfolio companies with verification and revenue statuses, as well as icons of app integrations.

Create professional financial models, fast

Our software can build financial models from verified metrics  in minutes. And with a standardized format, it makes it easy to compare companies across sectors.

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Accelerate the due diligence process

Due diligence can involve months of painful back and forth trying to tie out metrics. Verified Metrics keeps data rooms, models and ERP’s in sync - helping you to maintain momentum and close deals with confidence. 

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Spend less time on updates

Founders can find it tough to keep investors updated, especially during busy periods. By automating this process, we save everyone time and keep investors in-the-know on their portfolio.

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Simple to set up and run

Our system relies on a high level of automation with little to no manual input. Busy founders find it easy to maintain, and it always stays connected.

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our numbers


Portfolio company retention after 6 months


Faster than a fully manual diligence process


Less expensive than traditional audit and diligence services

What Do our clients say?

Profile photo of David Weiss from Pershing Ventures

David Weiss

Pershing Ventures

“Verified Metrics not only saves me 40 hours a month — it lets me perform a level of due diligence that simply wouldn’t be possible without an excessive burden on founders.”

Profile photo of Mark Muñoz from Vectr Fintech Partners

Mark Muñoz

Vectr Fintech

“Ultimately, it makes the entire company much stronger - when you can discuss with the founder and have them go through the same information we are seeing to get a better result.”

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