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Our user-friendly data feeds make it easy to verify metrics with confidence and precision. With our software you can easily request data and save dozens of hours of back and forth.

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An isometric illustration a table of portfolio companies with verification and revenue statuses, as well as icons of app integrations.

“Our companies always complete verified metrics onboarding day of – it’s too easy not to.”

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Reduce back and forth

The diligence process can involve hundreds of emails and dozens of files being exchanged. We replace this with a simple link you can send to any current or potential investment.

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Zero burden for founders

Unlike audits or traditional financial due diligence processes, our software-based solution requires only minutes of time to share data with investors.

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Compare apples to apples

By standardizing the format of data for diligence, we ensure that you can be a responsible custodian of your LP’s funds by running a consistent and efficient process. 

An illustration a table of portfolio companies with verification and revenue statuses.
An illustration of several charts, UI items and graphs An illustration of a portfolio company and a checklist of due diligence related items

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